Our mission is to discover the magic of energy all around us. We gather our own! Dogs are our totems and guides toward our dreams. Together, we find the path we want and deserve, forging the way with the strength, determination, and a zest for life we learn from our dogs.


So, What’s Stopping You?

Sometimes, the way is difficult, our journey seemingly too hard. We struggle with challenges, loss, pain, isolation, ridicule, or rejection. How can we to believe that there is an amazing life waiting for us if obstacles continually block the way? How many times have you said:

  • I can’t take this anymore!
  • Everyone laughs at me!
  • My own family thinks I’m a loser!
  • Others have it so easy!
  • No one understands what I’ve been through!
  • Bad things always seem to come my way!
  • I’ve lost everything and everyone I love!
  • I’m not a whole person anymore so my dream is gone!
  • I’m getting too old, weak, or fat to believe in my dream!
  • What I want will never really happen!

With all of your pain and heartache, you never stopped searching. How do I know? You stopped here—today, at this website—because it is your time! The little spark or flame that burns deep within you has sent you on a quest—here—to search and find how to uncover the peace of mind and well-being you were meant to have.

Let this be the beginning of your moment to shine, but also to keep growing and aiming higher for your dreams. You were given talents and skills when you were born. Let’s see what it is together. Find the passion to have a dream. Don’t let anything stop you! If you feel you can’t do it alone, we’re here! Be true to yourself! Be fierce in your determination. Need support? Encouragement? Accountability? We’re here! After all, Life is a Partnership! And, you are amazing!

Follow our stories and see what self-belief and your own creative mind can do!


An Invitation

Jyotirvidya-Home4Duffy’s World is a thought-provoking and educational site for people who are looking for a safe, non-judgmental place to gain support, motivation, and inspiration through recurring challenges that may seem insurmountable.

We reinforce the P.A.W.S. philosophy (Positive, Actionable Wisdom for Success) in all of our blogs, articles, and activities. You are invited to join us, read the stories, and encouraged to comment on any offering or story you see on the site.

We all have moments when we need others to help us stay on a positive path at one time or another. Our focus at Duffy’s World is to utilize the human-canine bond to effect and encourage positive change one lick at a time. You don’t have to own a dog to experience the power of unconditional love. Our promise is to inspire, uplift, and listen to everyone who has a story to share.

RULES: In consideration of visitors to this site (including children) please avoid inappropriate language, judgments, or religious or political comments. Comments about other groups or solicitations without express permission by Faith McCune will be removed from the site.

Please join us on and “Like” the following pages:
Fan page @Duffysworld – It’s a dog’s world with all the silliness, fun, touching or heartwarming stories, cartoons, photos, and videos. Join us and laugh, cry, or be inspired by our wonderful canine friends.
Group page @Faith McCune, Pawsitive Change Coach – The focus is on people and some of the challenges that we face and sometimes need a kind word or understanding to uplift us. Comments on all postings are welcome.  

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